Execution Of A Dead Man

Mansour is sentenced to death by hanging for communicating with Israel before the October War, and intelligence officer Mohy devises a plan to replace Mansour, the "spy" with Egyptian officer Ezzeldin , because of the big resemblance between them so that he obtains important information about the Dimona reactor.

2h 12min
  • علي عبدالخالق (مخرج ) ايناس عبدالمنعم
  • ليلى علوي
  • محمود عبدالعزيز
  • فريد شوقي
  • بوسي
  • يحيى الفخراني
  • إبراهيم الشامي
  • Farid Shawqy
  • Mahmoud Abdelaziz
  • Poussy
  • Yehia El Fakharany
  • Layla Olwi
  • Ibrahim El Shamy

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